Sunday Menu Planning

Sunday Menu Planning

Christmas is in the air! Still plenty of shopping to do, but I did get a lot purchased over the last few days. I am farther along than normal ;). The house is decorated but no tree yet. We will be celebrating Christmas on Jan. 2nd… That is when the kiddos can get away from work and come up here… I have plenty of time, if I wait a bit, I might get a discount on the tree…haha.

I want to have an easy week in the kitchen, not to mention I have LOTS of leftover turkey to use up…so here is the Menu (in no particular order)

~ Turkey Tortilla Soup
~ Venison Tacos
~ Split Pea Soup (with Honey Baked Ham)
~ Venison Chili
~ Turkey Shepard’s Pie (Recipe)… I will modify it with what ever leftover veggies and starches I have on hand.
~ Turkey Spring Rolls (this is on my wish list…if I can get to the city to buy the spring roll wrappers sometime this week) (Recipe)

What are your “Go To” turkey leftover meals?


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